Antwerp Art Weekend

Private Art Tours will be presenting a series of three tours covering a wide range of galleries and art projects to discover Antwerp Art Weekend. We cross the city from north to south and stop at many different venues. In addition, Private Art Tours hosts events such as a brunch event and finish this festive weekend with an engaging final reception. For all tours and locations, we call on artists and experts from the cultural scene.

May 28 – 29 at 2 and 4pm

Highlighted galleries: PLUS – ONE Gallery, Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, De Wael 15, Newchild, IBASHO, Ballroom Project, Zeno X, Kunsthal Extra City, Violet, DMW Gallery, De Zwarte Panter, valerie_traan gallery, Gallery FIFTY ONE, Duende Art Projects, Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery, ROEM ROEM, Galerie Transit


Offered by Naomi Meulemans

In this tour life is vibrant, this walk goes through great diversity of city neighborhoods and different visions of cultural experience. BBB focuses on the dynamics between culture in society and the art world. What are the needs of contemporary artists and how are they creating a platform through the gallery world? Cross-pollinations between public and private spaces awaken the visitor’s interest in what the future will bring. Find out more about your expert Naomi Meulemans here

May 28,29 at 2 & 4PM
Start: Zeno X – Godtsstraat 15. 2140 Antwerp Borgerhout


Offered by Wim Aerts

The galleries on the south encompass all that makes the gallery world in Antwerp unique. This tour discusses the experience of setting up a gallery in relation to the environment and zeitgeist in which we live today.The tour has a big focus on the city, its the latest evolutions in architecture and the dynamics between the old and new Antwerpian way of life. In this tour the visitor gets a glimpse behind the doors of galleries with established artists and those who welcome new developments in a sprint. In the shadow of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, old and new stories are told by an expert. This tour will be offered by our expert Wim Aerts, find out more here

May 28,29 at 2 & 4PM

Start: Gallery Sofie Van de Velde: Léon Stynenstraat 21, 2018 Antwerpen


Offered by Silvia Terrenzio

Throughout a cultural tour in the historic center of the city, one quickly comes across the many gallerists who are making space for inspiring artists here with a lot of new energy. For centuries, the historic center has been a fascinating setting for all the activities the city offers. The first point to make history and the last to enjoy it. Baroque and its 17th century heroes are still visible in the architecture and the many traces of arts and crafts made in and for the city of Antwerp. But does it all leave space for a new generation of artists? A new tour that offers visitors lots of food for thought. This history inspired tour will be provided by expert Silvia Terrenzio read more about Silvia here

May 28,29 at 2 & 4PM

Start: De Zwarte Panter: Hoogstraat 70, 2000 Antwerpen