Giovanna Tamà (°1987) works as an independent painting conservator of old masters. After completing her master’s degree in painting conservation and restoration at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, she worked at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Following that, she worked for the Royal Institute for Art Heritage in Brussels. Here she carried out the restoration and material technical research on a self-portrait of the Belgian artist Constant Permeke. At IPARC she participated in the ambitious restoration of 41 paintings from the Carolus Borromeus Church in Antwerp and restored eight ceiling paintings by Jacob Jordaens from the Jacob Jordaens House.

Research and restoration of ‘Self-portrait’, Permeke, 1928-1936, Oostende, MuZee

Although I looked up at the expressionist artists in 1936, I was already able to see with my own eyes how quickly their work was materially lost. I am reminded of the many cracks of Philibert Cockx’s over-applied crunch, the browns of Permeke, etc. René Smits in Flanders Magazine, 1983 The painting that was restored […]

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